Adv Dip Child Psychotherapy
Cert in Couples Therapy
MEd Counselling & Guidance
Post Grad Cert Counselling
Cert Family Mediation
Dip Youth & Community

My professional career has been committed to children and families to enable them achieve and maintain positive mental and emotional well-being. Many children and adults are emotionally scarred by relationship breakdown. Current research informs us that family traumatic experience needs to be the focus of a healing process to prevent damaging emotions transferring from parents to children.

My private practice is based on extensive experience and expertise gained from working in the public, academic, voluntary and community sectors. I offer a range of services to clients on an individual or group basis.




As part of her work she provides child focussed family mediation.  There is a greater likelihood of positive outcomes for all concerned if families engage in a mediation process rather than a litigation process to resolve their differences.  A child focussed approach puts the child/ren front and centre of the process. In mediation parents are facilitated to communicate directly with each other to make their own agreed decisions. Depending on circumstances this process may or may not involve legal proceedings.


Anne is a qualified Clinical Supervisor and provides an independent external supervision and support service for professionals working at the front line in health and social care, legal, counselling and psychotherapy fields. High levels of trauma and anxiety from a daily work load can build up and cause “burn out”. I provide a safe and confidential space with the goal of helping my clients maintain a healthy mental attitude and clear professional and personal boundaries. Remember that reaching out is a sign of strength not of weakness.


Anne has extensive experience of working in the field of trauma. Initially designing and delivering programmes to help people traumatised by the Northern Ireland Conflict.
She has continued to develop this work based on research and evidence from neuroscience. Anyone who has experienced trauma as an adult due to an event/shock or in early childhood can benefit from healing touch work. Anne is qualified to treat people using both healing and intentional healing skills
which aim to free the body of physical, social, emotional and mental damage caused by trauma.


Universally the human population is experiencing grief, such is the power and pervasiveness of the coronavirus. Many of us are feeling anxious and frightened over the last year coupled with uncertainty for the future. Loss of personal autonomy and freedom can impact on a sense of well- being and mental health. Anne provides a confidential healing space to help people understand the process of grief and to find a sense of hope meaningfulness.



Contact me if you need help and support with regard to

  • any trauma due to family breakdown, parental alienation, loss or complex grief.

  • the requirement for child focussed family mediation.

  • you need a safe confidential space to discuss, explore and work out any personal or professional issues that are causing you concern.


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